Monday, June 11, 2007


Photo Credit: Kathryn Romanov~ "Que Sera"~ Backstage "at the Artword Space, Toronto."
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PHI Trivia: The Show Must go onTrue or False?
Has Phi ever posed for a calendar?
Yes! He has, but the calendar never surfaced for public sale.
[However, we think it might have looked something like the pic above!-yummmy]
lol. the nophettes

PHI QUOTE "It was all very tongue and cheek, and i'm not sayin whose tongue or whose cheek! i'm not even sure what happened to the photo's they ran away with the photographer i guess?!- this kind of thing happens, people have great ideas, but don't always have the time to see them thru- I keep thinking i'll see some photoshopped pics of me turn up on the net somewhere... 'Papparazzi is us' or something, hah"-lol!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007


PHI has always had a taste for Cool.
Photo Credit: Noph Photography
PHI Trivia: Phi is photo booth crazy.
"I was like 5 or 6 years old, and we we're in downtown London, at 'the Simpson's' - and at that age, being downtown was a big deal in itself- the store had one of those photo booths, my sister adjusted the chair for me, tousled my hair, closed the curtain, it was exciting- and then the flash went off- bam- bam- bam- bam. Then, we waited 31/2 minutes for the pictures. My first photo shoot- you know. lol. i can't walk past one of those boothes, without slippin' in- and waiting for the bambams of the flash! so yeah, ever since that first time- guess i've always been a little photo booth crazy."

Sunday, May 27, 2007


PHI BULANI~ Actor at Large

Photo credit: Kelly Trevail

PHI Trivia~ Kelly Trevail was the first photographer/artist to take Phi's headshot for his professional use. True or False?

True: Phi trusted Kelly implicitly, he could be himself, relaxed and vulnerable, nothing was forced. They shared a mutual admiration and ease of prescence.
PHI quote: "We we're very aware of ones anothers attention, where it was, and where it wasn't, so the uhh, cosmic glue was there, we also shared similiar observations in other arenas of life, put it all together, and the photo shoot itself had this ease of prescence- so, we came away with portraits, that had a great vibe."

Monday, April 30, 2007


PHI BULANI ~The Blue Adonis; is a photographic essay published by Noph Photography.

PHI BULANI~The Blue Adonis

In this series, several photo's of Phi have been utilised to explore the gifts of the spirit. We see a downward gaze, a slight smile, a perfect aqualine nose, and a kindness in his eyes. These aspects combined to shine a feeling of perfect peace, and understanding.

PHI quote: "One who loves, can't help but to love Love"

Photo credit 'Seattle' Mary Dalrymple
Photographic Essay by Noph Photography
PHI trivia: Seattle Mary (a) lives in Seattle (b) only drinks coffee exported from Seattle (c) Is related to Phi
The answer is (a), we're not sure about the other two choices!