Monday, June 11, 2007


Photo Credit: Kathryn Romanov~ "Que Sera"~ Backstage "at the Artword Space, Toronto."
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PHI Trivia: The Show Must go onTrue or False?
Has Phi ever posed for a calendar?
Yes! He has, but the calendar never surfaced for public sale.
[However, we think it might have looked something like the pic above!-yummmy]
lol. the nophettes

PHI QUOTE "It was all very tongue and cheek, and i'm not sayin whose tongue or whose cheek! i'm not even sure what happened to the photo's they ran away with the photographer i guess?!- this kind of thing happens, people have great ideas, but don't always have the time to see them thru- I keep thinking i'll see some photoshopped pics of me turn up on the net somewhere... 'Papparazzi is us' or something, hah"-lol!!!

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